Art & Culture at Venice V

Venice V was designed by a close group of friends, neighbors, and true Venice locals whose years in the neighborhood became formative threads in their work today — childhoods skating at the Pavilion, surfing along the PCH, and living amid a community that fostered creative expression through art, photography, design, and music.

Art & Culture at Venice V

Jerry Carrera

Custom In-Room Skateboards

Jerry Carrera is the founder of Garage Board, a non-profit charity that helps kids stay and thrive in school through skating.

Josh “Bagel” Klassman

B&W Skate Photos – 201 Wall Mural

Josh Klassman is a Venice local documentary photographer who documents the world he sees around him through an unfiltered, intentionally raw and imperfect lens.

Dondrell Lee

Paintings in the “Artist” rooms

Dondrell Lee is a local artist and frequent fixture on the Venice beach boardwalk art scene, whose abstract oil paintings collage his philosophical views of community, courage, and soul.

Jayme Burtis

201 Wall Mural 

Jayme Burtis is a Venice local graffiti artist whose pieces — both on canvas and murals — explore storytelling through color.

Andres Estrada

Furniture and AK Mural Fabrication

Andres Estrada is a Venice local craftsman who specializes in hand made furniture from locally sourced salvaged woods.

Judy Kaufman

Tactile Wall Art

Judy Kaufman is an artist, Art Therapist, and ICF Coach whose ethos brings a disciplined approach toward entrepreneurial thinking and radical creativity. She is also the founder of Verse 18, a brand bringing ancient wisdom to life through modern art.

Alán Ramiro Manning

Boho Venice Sketches

Alán Ramiro Manning is an artist and art teacher with an expertise in sketch-style portraits of the world around him — beautifully-detailed interpretations of cityscapes, street scenes, and observations.  

Renee Labbe

Interior Decoration 

Renee is a creative strategist for architectural and design industries, who helped bring the vision of V to life in each of our one-of-a-kind rooms — scouring flea markets, pouring through vintage archives, and commissioning local artists to weave the colorful legacy of Venice Beach into the hotel’s contemporary aesthetic. 

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